Resale Retail Consignment Software For Gun Shops

POS-Inventory database management program and systems for buying, selling, trading and consigning guns, ammo, books, weapons, gear, components/parts and accessories for firearms in shop and online. Police/LEADS reporting.

Flag, tag and ID every weapon and every supplier, from individual sellers to wholesalers and manufacturers. Find any one of them easily with key-press search. Customize reports to include specific information by category, location, type of transaction (buy outright, retail, consignment), date range, voids, layaways - even account balance.

Regular customers. Record a detailed history of every transaction and activity. Print out a report to be handed, mailed or emailed. Organize everything in your business is exact detail and know at any moment where you stand.

Employees? Deny them access to any part of the database (information). Block them from authorization to void and discount sales at point-of-sale. Audit the cash drawer in real time to know what 'should be' in the drawer and what is. Every transaction can carry an employee's signature to know who do what.

Don't want to buy that piece? Take it on consignment with a written signed agreement that you're not responsible for it and for how long you'll hold onto it. If it sells, take a good share of the sales proceeds. This can be a better situation for the owner and you - than lending money against the piece as a loan: possibily fewer regulations and less police reporting and much simpler accounting.

Looking for a full-fledged pawn and consignment software for pawning and consigning weapons of all kinds? Check out which offers complete software programs for pawn and guns shops in the business of buying, selling, reselling and pawning firearms.

Software for Georgia Consignment Resale Shops

Payment for Best Consignment Shop Software is once with no ongoing prepayments fees for support.

The initial cost of BCSS is way lower than that of other programs because price hasn't been pumped up with prepayments for support and 'training'. Instead, training videos and a well-illustrated users' guide provide optional free forms of support and a free live demo is available (prior to purchase) to assure that the program does all that is needed and works properly on computers that it will be installed on. That way there's no money out of pocket before determining that the program is right for your business.

The are no fixed recurring monthly or annual payments for support. Instead, support is provided when requested, at rates about half that of local computer techs.

Software updates are free. Most software vendors use updates as a means of forcing payment for their annual support plans saying "Free software updated with paid annual support!". Said another way: "No paid annual support, no software updates."

It's also necessary to read the fine print because most annual support plans exclude lots of things, like training, help with networks, Windows, computers, viruses, hardware issues... It's a good idea to ask a software vendor to put every possible fee in writing (prior to purchase) and when those hidden fees start popping up after the 30-day money-back period, there will be grounds for a refund.

We do things much differently here at Best Consignment Shop Software. Prices are fair and you'll be treated fairly. There will be no cost surprises after purchase.

With that said, there are optional modules that can be purchased separately like having your clients view their account information online and passing some or all of your credit-card cost on to clients.

BCSS has been in business since 2002 so if you're wanting references, don't ask our competitors because we make them look bad ;;

The BBB and Facebook don't have fake reviews like most review sites.

Feel free to call: 888-427-5779.

Happy Georgia Clients:

  • Doodlebugs Athens, 163 Windy Hill Place, Athens, GA, 706-286-2268
  • Young Gun's Clothing, 100 Athenstown Blvd, Athens, Georgia, 706-308-0259
  • Crafted With Hands And Heart, 107 W Barnard St, Glennville, GA, 912-654-0090
  • Top Notch Consignment, 118 Blue Ridge DR, McCaysville, GA, 706-964-2520
  • The Dusty Rose, 121 Shadowood Ln, Peachtree City, Georgia, 678-545-6023
  • Fine Consignments, 7092 Hodgson Memorial Drive, Savannah, GA, 912-354-2599
  • Deja Vu Upscale, 3590 Old Atlanta Road 201, Suwanee, GA, 678-551-8798

Best Consignment Shop Software™ | Circa: March 15, 2001

Prior to BCSS™ there was no consignment software under $700 and (big) trailing fees were required (or service and software updates were denied).

BCSS™ pioneered innovative policies in consignment software by:

  • Lowering acquisition cost by as much as 70%.
  • Doing away with annual service fees, add-on fees and hidden fees.
  • Granting software ownership, allowing resale of the software.
  • Providing free lifetime updates for software.
  • Leading vendors in advertising and fair-business practices.
  • Providing free benefits with purchase:
    • A free copy of 'How to Start a Consignment Shop'
    • A free listing in The Consignment Shops n Stores Directory
    • A free training session (before or after purchase)
    • 12 roles of thermal labels (BCSS Diamond™ and Virtual™)
    • Automatic local data backups

Today we continue to be proponents of full disclosure and truth in advertising in our industry.

Even though you may be in a hurry to get a consignment business up and running, take time now to avoid problems and large expenses later. Know the vendor from whom you are purchasing software. Just because someone claims to have been around 'a long time' does not mean that their product or service is better or fairly priced.

One very important consideration: "Who backs the software?" Was there one person who wrote his own program, put up a website, adopted a company name and toll-free number who uses the word 'we' a lot, attempting the give the (false) impression that 'he' is a software 'company'? It's often easy to tell because the person who is attempting to sell his software to you is the same person who not only wrote the program but who is the only person capable of fixing it and keeping it up to date.

BCSS™ Competitors

A search for Consignment Software shows these listings by our competitors:

BCSS Competitors

While imitation may be a form of flattery, competing vendors are obviously hoping to steer our potential customers their way by infringing upon our trademark. How disappointing it must be to their website visitors to find sky-high prices, annual service fees and a whole litany of deceptions about cost, support and policies. (The last vendor on the list actually refers to their software as 'The Best Consignment Shop Software Solution'!)

Two of our competitors think that the way to compete is not to lower prices but to lower themselves to smear campaigns, suggesting that we've had unhappy customers and they haven't.

Mercedes Benz has the highest customer-satisfaction rating amongst large companies with an 87% approval rating. That means that 13% were unhappy about something. We are no different except that our approval rating is probably up around 95%!

Most recently a critic falsely claimed in his blog, "There is no Best Consignment Shop Software!". World renowned Internet authorities like WikiPedia, CNET, Google and TuCows beg to differ, and of course he does fail to mention our Trademark and Service-Mark rights based upon 'first to use' (2001) and 'first to file' (2002).