Replace Resaleworld Liberty Software

Tired of endless fees? Your Resaleworld data can be easily converted to Best Consignment Shop Software for one payment.

  • Free yourself from 'annual support fees' and price manipulation. (There is no prepayment for support. Instead, support is only billed as support is used at $25/15 minutes. Most shops don't need 'support' beyond initial setup (free) so... 'no support fees'.
  • BCSS and your data will reside on your computer - no more dependency on the 'Internet'.
  • Data can be backed up locally off drive and online.
  • Existing printers, scanners and drawers will be compatible.
  • Data conversion can be completed in 2-3 days, depending upon the amount of data.
  • You will never be forced to pay more to 'upgrade'. Software updates are free.

For 23 years we've exposed RSW for deceptive marketing practices, failing to disclose post-purchase fees prior to purchase, overcharging for support and on it goes. The following information was written several years ago:

This web page is worth $5,000 to you. That's the amount of money you won't spend needlessly for consignment software over the next few years.

Pay-Once Consignment Software

Without some guidance most seekers of consignment software fall to click bait and confusion over all of the claims of illustrious program gems. The fact is, with the exception of a couple of offerings, every software vendor's pricing scheme would require you to turn on the spigot and drain your shop profits for silly things like 'annual support plans', web-based software and after-purchase surprises.

Two programs proudly offer software for a one-off price: Best Consignment Shop Software and Consignment Till. Pay once for lifetime use. That's it.

"Why?" you ask. Beyond these two vendors the cost of 'consignment software' rises exponentially so these vendors capture market share by being, let's face it, far less greedy. Who isn't all for the best deal?

Pay-Forever Consignment Software

If you've been around for a while, there once was a time when every software program was available for 'purchase' - one payment for lifetime use. Nowadays every software vendor from MS on down is scheming to create a stream of income from software user to software developer. Tried purchasing Adobe Photoshop or MS Office lately? It's all 'subscription' which is a vague moniker for 'pay forever'. The opportunists in the 'consignment-software industry' are hoping to cash in on the fad as well. Will you be joining in the fray?

Fee-Based Consignment Software

A few of the players in consignment software have been perfecting their shell games since the turn of the century and they think that they've become proficient at it, but when the smoke clears, the fees remain and are often only discovered after the expiration of the 30-day money back period.

You're shopping so here are some 'heads ups' to keep you on the road to a smart decision:

  1. Fee-based vendors (like Conpro, Resaleworld, etc.) have switched to claiming pre-sale that their 'annual support fee' is "optional". If you let it go at that, assuming you won't have to pay it, there's catches: Essential software updates will be withheld and/or support in any form will be denied. (If you have a question or problem you'll be directed to post your issue in a forum and wait for a response from ? another who tried to avoid the 'annual support plan;?
  2. You could ask those charging annually for support how often the support fee has been raised over the past 10 years. (often) So the blank check that shop owners sign is future increases in the amount of the annual payment.
  3. Your business will grow and flourish. You'll be needing more copies of the software for your additional computers. ($295 to $395 each) but the 'surprise' would have been that the annual support fee increases with the number of copies of the software in use. This isn't a consideration of most shop owners just starting out and it has generated significant amounts of additional income over the years for vendors who play that game.
  4. The elephant in the room is a software 'company' comprised of one programmer and some admin help. Support for the software depends entirely upon 'him' so when 'he' is gone so will be support for the software. That means if it stops working, you'll be back to where you are today looking for a replacement. Goodbye $1,000+ and hello converting your data and learning another program. Don't go there. (consignpro and most other programs)
  5. That 'annual support plan' has exclusions. It does not include help with Windows, networking, equipment/hardware (printers, scanners, drawers) and training!. Ask Resaleworld, "Is training included in the support plan?" "No." "How much is it?" "$100 per hour"

The Wise Choice

Best Consignment Shop Software is lowest in price because price has not been padded with precharges for support.

It is true that every software developer has the continuing expense of 'software maintenance' and that's the idea behind these schemes for creating and maintaining a constant flow of funds from shop to vendor. Software updates for Best Consignment Shop Software are free.

Your purchase of BCSS includes the software, a free live demo to get you going quickly and easily, training videos and a very-well-illustrated user's guide so you have 'free outlets for help'. Regardless, when help is needed, payment is made at the time and at rates considerably under those charged by most who provide support to consignment-shop owners and employees.

There is no cost or obligation to take a peek at the software. Just download the demo and take a look. If all that you are after is a computer program that will do the heavy lifting, there's just no sense in buying into sales pitches for extremely over-priced consignment software.