Consignment Software for Singapore Shops

The program manages consignments, resales (buy outright from individuals), retail (purchases from companies and suppliers), rentals and layaways.

The consignment portion of the program keeps track of consignors, their possessions, sales and settlements. There can be more than one schedule set to automatically discount inventory as it remains unsold. The schedules can apply to different categories of inventory. Items that don't sell during the holding period (usually 90 days) are either returned to the owners, donated, destroyed and become shop property (with a zero cost basis). The program supports the use of various barcode scanners, printers and cash drawers.

The buy-outright or resale aspect of the program records information about sellers of items and information about the items purchased, including buy and sell prices. The program computes profit/loss and provides over 300 reports on clients, inventory, sales and disbursements.

The retail segment is for the management of merchandise purchased from companies (as opposed to individuals) like suppliers, wholesalers, etc. Buy and sell prices can be recorded and the program will use those to compute profit/loss. Information about suppliers can be added to item descriptions as reminders.

When the point-of-sale or new-invoice screen is first opened, the cursor is ready in the bar-code field for a scan of the price-label barcode. If none is available, the inventory ID may be entered or an item may be chosen from the list of inventory. If an item is being sold that has not been entered into inventory, information about the item may be entered, including description, price and quantity. Once all items for the check out have been entered, discounts can be applied. If the payment method is by credit card, the purchase amount will be auto entered as the amount remitted and can be edited. (The cash drawer will not open.) If the payment is by cash, it is not necessary to select a pay method. Just enter the amount tendered and change due will be computed and displayed. Employees can log in and out of the cash drawer so every transaction will have an employee ID. A receipt can be printed or the sale can be saved without printing a receipt.

At the end of the day function keys 9, 10 and 11 can be pressed to see items entered, daily recap, sales and settlements for the day. Reports are available for any period of time for any data recorded in the database.

Clients are usually paid at the end of the month for the preceding month. They may be paid in cash, by check, gift certificate, PayPal or store credit. The program can be configured to add a small bonus for store-credit settlement to encourage clients to accept that form of payment, thereby making them buyers as well.

Even though we may be far away, our customer support can demo the software in a live session on your computer. We like for our clients to do that prior to purchase to assure customer satisfaction.