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BCSS is tiered in features and price.
One payment for lifetime ownership.

Software & Hardware Specials








POS Only

Software Editions

Final prices. No shipping or tax add-ons (except TX).

Deluxe Consignment Software


All Essential Features Included

  • Sheet Labels & Barcodes
  • Sales Receipts
  • Complete POS
  • Exact Inventory Control
  • Automated Discounts
  • QuickBooks Export
  • 300+ Reports
  • Daily Automated Backups
  • Use Any Credit-Card Processor
  • spacer
  • for 12 months spacer

Diamond Consignment Software


More Tools for Bigger Shops

  • Thermal Labels & Tags
  • Connect Multiple Computers
  • Employee Management
  • Buyer Records
  • Mall Space Rental
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  • for 12 months spacer

Virtual Consignment Software


Additional Online Features

  • Client Account Info
  • Add Inventory
  • Download Inventory
  • Rewards Points
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • *$795 + $25/mo
  • for 12 months spacer

Intro Consignment Software


POS Only

  • Sheet Labels & Tags
  • Sales Receipts
  • No Inventory Tracking
  • No Barcodes
  • Manual Entry @ POS
  • for 12 months

Popular Software + Hardware Specials

Any combination of software and hardware may qualify for a volume discount. Here are some examples:

bde Special

Deluxe + Scanner +
Drawer + Receipt Printer

price image

Diamond + Scanner +
Drawer + Receipt Printer

Buy Diamond Special
price image

Diamond + Scanner +
Drawer + Label Printer

Buy Diamond Special

Honesty Begets Loyalty

What makes us different? Disclosure and Fair Pricing -


All fees are revealed prior to purchase, which is easy because --- there are none!

  • No hidden charges
  • No tack-ons for 'shipping and handling'
  • No sales taxes (except TX)
  • Free software updates
  • No prepayments for support - no ongoing monthly or annual support fees
  • After the demo period, support is billed ala carte ($25/15 minutes)*
  • (BCSS Virtual does require a $25/mo server rental.)

*The average annual support cost per store is under $20.


Use the actual software and live demo first. That way we know you're happy before investing.

Talk to us:

  • Volume discounts are available.
  • Learn why a receipt printer may not be needed.
  • Get free thermal labels and tags.
  • Discuss financing alternatives.
  • Benefit from computer recommendations.
  • Get credit-card processing help.

In our 20 years, we've spoken to most of our 4000+ clients personally. Take advantage of the offer. It's a 'consultation', not a sales pitch. You will not be asked to purchase during the session.

Consignment Software Choices

Unlike most vendors of consignment software, Best Consignment Software helps keep cost as low as possible by 'tiering' software features and prices.

View software editions.

Again, unlike other offerings, there are no ongoing fees for purchase, service or any other concocted reasons, making cost after purchase nonexistent.

Uniquely again, Best Consignment Software provides ownership of one copy of the software (which cannot be sold, transferred or otherwise made available to another).

Software 'packages' (software bundled with POS paraphernalia (printers, scanners, drawers) reduces cost with volume discounts on larger orders.

View software+hardware packages.

And finally, there be no surprises at purchase - no add-ons for sales tax (except TX) and shipping.

Consignment Hardware Equipment

As with software, Best Consignment Software provides original and proprietary information to help consignment-store owners spend the minimum on POS equipment.

For example we offer a conversation about whether a receipt printer is actually necessary.

Also, shipping charges and sales tax are not added (after you've given your credit card information).

View hardware compatible with Best Consignment Software.

Purchase Online

  1. If you know the amount of your purchase, payment may be made online with a Credit Card or PayPal.
  2. Request an Estimate. (888-427-5779 or email)
  3. Request an Invoice for payment. (888-427-5779 or email)
  4. Send an email to BCSS Sales.

Buy Consignment Software Wisely

Might sound like a silly question but how long are you intending to be in business?

Multiply that number of years by the annual cost of every software program.

If today you were asked, "Would you pay $15,000 for software?", your response might be "Absolutely not!" but $129 per month for 120 months (10 years) is $15,840.

Not going to be in business 10 years but plan on selling your shop? Makes the sale harder if your potential buyer has to pay you for your business and pay forever for software.

Features and benefits are bannered on software website home pages while after-purchase expenses aren't featured nearly so prominently. This is standard dishonest advertising fare that has grown into our culture like mold under the kitchen sink.

Want to protect yourself from 'false advertising' (hidden fees)? Ask the software provider to disclose in writing all potential fees and any rights to increase fees or make up new fees then when you're blind sided with an unexpected (undisclosed) charge, fire back.

Optional Support Plans

Vendors who say that their support plans are 'optional' have support plans for a reason: They fully intend to see to it that you pay for support one way or another. How? After purchase (and often after the money-back period) calls for help are greeted with: 'Play time is over. If you didn't enroll in the support plan, you have no support and if that doesn't force you to enroll, then software updates (often needed to resolve an issue) will be withheld until you do, or, you'll pay extra for not participating.'

Web-based software costs are harder to hide or disguise. If the monthly rent isn't paid you get evicted. The elephant in the room is the cost of adding additional users or, although you may not be thinking of expanding just yet - the cost to open a second station or location. Does the software provider reserve the right to increase the monthly stipend later? Find out now before getting locked in.