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Demos of Best Consignment Software

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There are a few reasons for demoing a software program prior to purchase. Primarily we want to know what it looks like, how dependable it is, how easy it is to use and that it has all of the features we need and possibly some features that are not required but 'nice to have'.

Software vendors make demos of their programs available for those reasons and others: A demo is a handy tool for reviewing software features and teaching how to use the functions. Of course it is the hope of most software providers that the shop uses 'real data', becomes accustomed to (if not dependent upon) the software, ultimately leading to purchase, which might be a reason why we see expensive software programs with demo periods of up to 90 days - really get that entrenchment set in to the exclusion of considering any other software program.

Install on Windows PC

Please use this link to download the 2-week demo:

It is necessary to turn 'Windows Defender' off. Here's how:

  1. In the search box (lower left corner of the screen) type 'defender'.
  2. Click on Windows Firewall Defender.
  3. Select 'Turn Defender on/off'.
  4. Turn it off.

'Defender' is Microsoft's way of forcing software developers (like us) to pay lots of money annually to belong to their club. Simply, we refuse. We've been in business since 2002 with 4000+ clients and are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. Our reputation does not require Microsoft's confirmation.

A Brief Summary of Software Steps

Add a Client. (F2 key) If applicable, change the consignor % and check options to send mailing and sales reports. Print a crisp impressive Agreement in duplicate, now or later.
Add Consignor Record
Add Inventory (F3) Add 1 item or several in batch. Different consignor % for each if needed. Discount by Age, Category, Consignor.
Add Inventory
Print Price Tags One or several labels for the same item. Sheets or Thermal labels with/without bar codes. Select from a variety of label sizes. Adhesive and Nonadhesive
Print Price Labels
Make a Sale (F6) Sell rentals. Buy outright. Rent floor space. Use House Accounts to sell shop items. Multiple discounts and payment methods. Consignor or Employee Credit Sales. Layaways. Split Payments.
Make a Sale
Process a Settlement (F7) Settle 1 or several. Settle for cash, check, store credit or gift certificate.
Process a Settlement
Pay Clients. Pay one buyer or consignor, a few or all. Pay by check, cash, store credit or gift certificate.
Pay Consignors
View Reports. Easy Access to any information including Total Sales, Tax Collected, Owed to Consignors, etc. Primary reports with one click.
Produce Reports
Your coffee is still warm. Wrap things up. Go home. Time for family and friends with a less-stressed you...


We take pride in our customer satisfaction rating (95% - higher than Mercedes-Benz and Barnes & Noble).

Our competitors focus on the other 5%.

The Better Business Bureau rates BCSS as A+.

Over 4,000 stores have partnered with us since 2001 from Michigan and North Carolina to Mexico and Vancouver, Canada, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

Best Consignment Software has unique applications for handbags, antique malls, flea markets, books, boats
- anything that can be consigned and/or resold.

Demos and videos are available so you can determine for yourself that BCSS is right for you before purchase. Read about no-fee software.

If there are any difficulties with installation, please invite our technician onto your computer to assist - Questions? Please call 888-427-5779.

Installing Software As the Ultimate Administrator

Note: If the computer was purchased from a retail store, it is possible that the 'Ultimate Administrator' for the computer is turned on (and you will not be able to install software).

For all Windows editions, Turn User Accounts off:

Try turning User Accounts off first (then attempt to install BCSS). Here's how to turn User Accounts off:

Go to Start > Control Panel > User Accounts and click on 'Change User Account Control settings'...

Turn User Accounts off by dragging the slider bottom to its lowest setting:

For Vista, UNCHECK the box and click OK:

With User Account Control off, try installing BCSS again. If Windows still won't allow it, you may need to assign yourself as the Ultimate Administrator on the computer:

Ultimate Administrator:

If you've ever tried to do something as Administrator and were told (by Windows) that you didn't have the authority, you're probably not the 'Ultimate Administrator' on the computer. The Ultimate Administrator is a well-kept secret. It can be turned off (hidden) and hard to find. Here's how to turn it 'on':

Promote Yourself to Ultimate Administrator

  1. Click on the Start Button.
  2. Go to All Programs then Accessories.
  3. RIGHT click on the Command Prompt and select 'Run as administrator' (giving you ultimate authority).
  4. After the prompt type net user administrator /active:yes