Software for Reselling Handbags

Consignment, resale (buy outright) and retail transactions are included in Best Consignment Shop Software.

With the program handbag merchants can track consignors, suppliers, sellers, and buyers as well as inventory, sales, settlements and payouts.

Categories can be used to organize inventory and allow for variable consignor splits and sales-tax options (tax free, taxed at, taxed above). Reports per category make it possible to perform targeted inventory audits.

Price labels and hang tags can be printed using rolls of thermal labels/tags and a thermal label printer or using sheet labels and tags and any ink printer.

Price-label information includes item ID, price, category, description and date placed into inventory. Options include barcodes, store name, discount schedules (for aging inventory on consignment) and disposal codes (to know what to do with unsold items after the consignment holding period - typically donate, destroy, return or transfer to shop ownership).

The consignment aspect tracks item ownership and allows for variable sales percentage splits per consignor, per category and per inventory item. There are provisions for discounting aged inventory (with multiple schedules that can be applied per category). An option allows credit-card charges to be deducted from settlements of credit-card transactions.

The buy-outright or resale feature tracks information about sellers, the items purchased, price paid and profit.

With retail capability owners can buy and resell from other businesses as well as sell their own inventory. Here again the program can track cost basis and compute gains and losses (per item or per period).

Supported hardware includes scanners, drawers, receipt and label printers. Two label printers can be used to avoid switching labels in the printer and changing printer selection in the software.

With over 300 reports business owners can know at any point in time what has been added to inventory, sold, returned and what should be in the POS cash drawer.

The program can be integrated with most websites and e-commerce platforms.