Wedding Consignment Software + Rental

All-in-1 Software for Weddings

How Much?

The total cost of any software program is up-front money PLUS ongoing fees so when shopping for software for your boutique, know that software requiring a phone call for 'pricing' is probably going to be expensive.

To our knowledge our wedding software is the ONLY software that does NOT have one method or another for sticking a straw in your shop's profits.

'Web-based software' might seem cool but there's the endless monthly fee in the name of 'software as a service'. The software stops when payment stops. Web-based is by far the most expensive form of 'wedding rental-resale-consignment software'. Need mobility? Want to work from 'anywhere'? Use a laptop or free remote-session software programs.

Heads up. You can pay monthly for most software programs, web-based or not so when the purveyor of web software says "Support included!" that's no different than buying a software program outright then paying $100 per month for support. For most bridal shops, $1,200 per year every year for software (only) is a big bite out of profits.

There are other post-purchase expenses that you should demand be disclosed prior to purchase. Cost of:

Just know that once you've expended a large sum for software and you/your employees have struggled through the learning process, you WILL NOT be inclined to switch to another program once you discover your costs escalating.

A common strategy these days is to offer a cheaper version of the software at a lower price forcing shops to pay more when it's discovered that features are needed in a more costly edition of the software. Web-based offerings are particularly egregious in this regard.

Rental Software

BCSS may be the only software on the market that combines clothing rental, resale (buy outright), consignment and retail.

Rental software of course keeps tracks of renters, items, date out, date due back and has reports on items rented, past due and returned. The software has useful reports for each client, each item, each sale... It allows fees to be added for damage, cleaning, late returns...

Consignment Software

Every consignor and each item can have a different 'consignor %' (the portion of sales proceeds paid to consignors).

Each category can have its own tax specifics and discount schedule for auto discounting by time and percentage.

Daily reports of inventory and sales can be viewed with one key press. There are over 300 detailed reports for clients, inventory, sales, settlements and disbursements.

Resale (Buy Outright, BOR)

Resale differs from 'retail' in that it implies purchasing merchandise from individuals. Payment is made for articles as they are taken into inventory (where payment is made in consignment when an item sells).

The program keeps track of amounts paid for items, sales amounts and computes profit.


This salon software has a shop account for transacting in merchandise purchased from designers, other suppliers and businesses.

Price Hang Tags and Labels

Hang tags are non-adhesive price tags that are attached to garments. They can be printed from sheets of hang tags or from rolls of thermal labels. To save on tags some stores print item information of heavier card stock and cut them out.

Price labels are adhesive. They too can be printed from sheets or rolls. One method is to print small labels and adhere them to customized hang tags.