What Is A Consignment Program?

Software Programs for Consignment Shops

    • Consign: Resell others merchandise.
    • Buy Outright: Purchase and resell
    • Retail: Buy from wholesalers and resell.
    • Rent clothing, sports equipment, tools, etc.
    • Download and install the program: BCSS Demo.
    • Watch an overview: BCSS Basics.
    • View this video (-->)

What Does 'Program' Mean?

For practical purposes 'program' to an end user of software in a consignment shop means a 'computer program' that is or can be used to manage the consignment business. 'Program' (like 'system') is also often used to describe software and 'hardware' (printers, scanners, cash drawers, etc.).

Technically a 'program' is a compilation of software code (programming language) which instructs a computer (or a machine) to perform logical and mathematical operations (on data). 'Software' is a set of programs that enables the hardware to perform a specific task.