Consignment Software for Thrift Stores

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Thrift-Store Resale

Thrift stores can be different from consignment and resale shops in that they often receive charitable donations as opposed to consignments or items purchased outright for reselling.

Best Consignment Shop Software is a versatile program which is often used in thrift stores, not so much for the consignment or resale features but for keeping track of donors and their donations, for processing sales, printing receipts and producing reports (often requested for tax purposes).

Donor and Inventory Tracking

A record can be created for each donator, including as much information as the store may wish to record. For income-tax purposes it is not necessary to record the tax ID number, but at a minimum, the printed receipt can include the donor's name, address and phone number - if that information is entered and saved in the person's record. With BCSS each person can be assigned an ID which can be any combination of letters or numbers (no hyphens). For sorting purposes however, it's best to use only letters (like the first few letters of the last name) or only numbers. Mixing alpha and numeric characters would cause sorted lists to be sorted as alpha characters, so 1,2,10 would be presented as 1,10,2.

The patron's inventory can be entered, not only as a record of items purchased, but for allowing the printing of price labels, receipts and reports.

  1. Labels can be sheet (one adhesive label and one non-adhesive hang tag) or direct-transfer thermal roll labels (in several sizes and styles, including jewelry tags and two-part tear-off tags). BCSS Diamond and BCSS Virtual editions are needed to print thermal labels and tags.
  2. Because donations can be tax deductible, reports may be more important for thrift than consignment stores. Any information stored in the program can be produced in a report but primarily patrons like to have a list of items donated and their presumed values. Reports can also be printed on plain paper. They can be saved in PDF format and emailed.

Sales Processing

Barcodes printed on price labels and tags speed checkout and reduce errors. Scanning a barcode at checkout populates the sales invoice with information about the item being purchased: Item ID (donor ID plus item number), description, price, and the donor. Sales tax is auto computed based upon the tax percentage set in program setup. Individual items can be tax free and the entire invoice can be tax exempt. Discounts can also be applied, either manually or automatically based upon settings in the software.

BCSS cannot be purchased until the shop owner confirms that the software does all that is necessary and works properly on the shop computer(s), so please take advantage of the pre-sale live demo. Start by downloading the software then watch this video on buy outright.