Low-Cost Antique Bookkeeping Software

An antique dealer's treasure find - an inventory and business accounting and bookkeeping software for one payment with no forever fees for support or updates. Ideal for dealers, malls and collectors.

Antique Dealer

With the exception of motor vehicles objects are considered to be 'antiques' if they are over 100 years old. A person or entity that engages in the purchasing and selling of antiques is an antique dealer.

There are no qualifications for becoming an antique dealer but knowing antiques and the market for them are most likely necessary. Most importantly the skills are needed to identify genuine pieces and spot fakes. These skills might only come with years of experience and/or the good fortune of mentors.

Antique Dealer Inventory

An antique dealer commonly possesses many objects for collection and sale. A dealer is typically in the business of buying and selling antiques, may or may not have a physical location and online presence.

One dealer will routinely specialize in specific groups or categories of antiques like art, books, cars, furniture and collectibles.

Antique Dealer Inventory Software

Software for antiques inventory identities each piece with a control number (or Item ID) and records (often detailed) descriptions of items. New: Antique Mall Software Reviews and Pricing

Software can categorize similar objects into groups - useful for keeping track of inventory and producing reports. Generally any information recorded about holdings can be used to create specific reports.

Antique Dealer Accounting Software

Accounting software addresses the business end of buying, selling and trading antiques. Such programs regularly include POS (point-of-sale) capability including credit-card processing. The bookkeeping aspect keeps track of prices paid, selling prices, profit and loss, per piece, per category and per period.

Best Consignment Shop Software is well adapted for antique-dealer use. It combines inventory and accounting with client (and employee) management, provides sales processing and payment disbursements.

Take advantage of the free live demo by calling 888-427-5779.

Consignment Software Specials for MA Shops

Best Consignment Shop Software Specials

For the price of most competing software programs, residents of Massachusetts can purchase Best Consignment Shop Software Deluxe software, a barcode scanner, cash drawer and thermal receipt printer for $879 no shipping charges or sales tax added.

For $120 more the receipt printer can be replaced with a thermal label printer and Deluxe can be upgraded to the Diamond edition (for networking computers, managing employees, registering buyers and QuickBooks export).

BCSS Virtual allows your clients to 1) view their account information online (saving calls to the shop) and 2) enter inventory (to be downloaded at the shop).

With any edition of BCSS shop owners and employees can work from home free of charge.

The predominant feature of any edition of Best Consignment Shop Software is the absence of precharges for support, which is why BCSS costs considerably less that other programs. Initial prices are lower and more importantly there are no ongoing ever-increasing 'support fees'. Instead, a free live demo is provided along with a detailed illustrated user's guide and training videos. If help is needed after purchase, customer support reps are on call at rates half that of local IT services.

The 'free live demo' is available prior to purchase and we do it that way to prove that the claims of our competitors are false. Before you can pay for the software you must convince us that the software fulfills your requirements and works properly on your computer(s).

Look to our BBB A+ rating and Facebook for independent verified reviews.

On a budget? You'll pay once to own Best Consignment Shop Software and use it for a lifetime.

Pay $395 once for the low-priced Intro edition to process sales at POS. It's a inexpensive program to help startups and small shops delve into computerization economically without having to spend lots of time and money getting up to speed. Reasonable allowances are granted toward upgrades and it even exports in spreadsheet and QuickBooks formats.

The Deluxe edition of Best Consignment Shop Software at $395 is fully featured but still affordable for new businesses, in part because as with all editions of the software, there are no endless fees. ;Rock-bottom prices; doesn't mean cut-rate software. Deluxe includes inventory and client management, point-of-sale and settlement processing and prints everything (agreements, labels and tags, receipts, checks and reports) on plain paper using any ink printer. Literally over 1,000 consignment and resale shops have purchased and used Deluxe for years without spending another penny. Now that's economical!

Diamond is the next step up in affordable software, adding customer management (buyers as opposed to consignors), networking (multiple computers together to share the same database), employee control and tracking, and thermal labels and hang tags. There's also an included module for running a mall-type business (flea market, shopping or antique mall, events).

Even at $795 the Virtual edition is very reasonable when compared to other software choices. Clients and vendors can view account information and add inventory (which can be downloaded at the shop). These features do require web hosting ($25/month).

Credit-card charges can be passed on to consignors at settlement and/or to shoppers at POS (where allowed). A percentage is set in the program and is auto-applied at settlement and/or checkout. Any client can be excluded from the charge by flagging his or her account or removing the add on at point of sale. (This is an optional module for $19.95/mo. and that too can be passed on.

Prices for new hardware (scanners, cash drawers, receipt and label printers) are also discounted 3 ways:

As business owners and shoppers ourselves, we are all too well aware of the aggravating strategy of padding profits by adding costs during the ordering process, particularly AFTER being asked for payment information. Not at BCSS...

The software is delivered by download and hardware shipping is 2-3 days in the lower 48, but before making any buying decisions, a free live demo is recommended prior to purchase to assure that all needed features are available and that the software works properly. The demo can be performed remotely. Here's a video overview.