Consignment Software for Australia Op Shops

Pay once for lifetime ownership.

Special functions make Best Consignment Shop Software the first choice of resalers in Australia for inventory, POS and client management. The program is well suited for clothing, furniture, thrift stores (Op shops), resale, retail, rental, buy outright, vintage, 2nd change and 2nd hand stores. The Diamond edition's 'mall module' manages the rental of booth spaces in shopping malls.

The primary advantage of Best Consignment Shop Software is cost. The initial price is not stuffed with precharges for support and there are no monthly or annual prepayments for support so if support is never needed, shops will not have wasted the money.

Stores can save by taking advantage of the tiered prices and features. The Intro edition ($295 USD) is a simple POS sales processing program. Inventory is entered into the program as it is sold and sales reports can be generated for any period of time. See 'Compare BCSS' on the left...

For any software program to be worth its purchase, it must be maintained. This is an ongoing expense for any software developer. As improvements are made 'patches' or 'updates' are released as a way of delivering new features and 'bug fixes'. BCSS software updates are free. (Most software vendors say 'Free software updates with paid annual support' which is a kind way of saying 'no support plan payments, no software updates.)

The Deluxe edition supports the use of scanners, receipt printers and cash drawers. Any barcode scanner should work. (They are input devices like keyboards which Windows readily recognizes.) A way to determine if drawers and printers are compatible is to install the BCSS software demo, install the hardware and test it with the program. Several receipt printers work with Deluxe. Any ink printer should also work.

The Diamond edition supports the use of thermal label printers. Typically a consignment software app must be configured to work with specific makes/models of label printers. BCSS is known to work with Zebra and TSC (Taiwan Semiconductor) printers.

Inventory can be categorized. Each category can have unique taxation (tax free, tax above some amount, tax at some rate...) and its own discount schedule which automatically discounts categories of inventory as items in the category remain unsold over time. These features are particularly useful for stores selling used furniture and clothing.

There are two 'modules' priced separately:

  • A % can be set in the program to be deducted from the settlement of credit-card sales (only). (The % would not be deducted for sales paid by other means.) Another % can be set to be added to credit-card sales (only). ($19.95/mo USD)

To help avoid data loss, the program includes a unique data backup feature: At a time set by the shop owner in Program Setup, a copy of the data is created in a folder off of the hard drive.

To that end a free live demo is available, done remotely of course, so please feel free to download the software and contact us to arrange for a free live demo. We are in the Central Time Zone 17 hours behind Sydney.