Bargain Consignment Software for Carolina Resale Shops

A special program for Tarheels

Carolinians have been using Best Consignment Shop Software in their consignment and resale shops since 2002. Best estimates put the number at over 200. Although there are no records to tally it's safe to say that between all of those stores in total they've spent no more than $500 over 16 years for 'help'.

Every one of them saved a significantly amount of money by choosing BCSS over other programs, primarily because the price of the software was pumped up with precharges for 'support'.

They saved considerably over the years because instead of paying annual support fees for competing programs, they paid nothing.

Every store has enjoyed the benefits of new features and software maintenance at no additional charge.

For the few times that help was needed, help was provided at very reasonable rates - about half that charged by local IT services.

Start-up shops and small enterprises were able to save because BCSS software is tiered in price and features, allowing beginners and small shops to purchase lower editions of the software. Most programs today are 'one size fits all' so still today, it's possible to start small with BCSS and upgrade as business and computer capabilities grow.

Before purchase, take advantage of the free live demo and if you're looking for opinions about BCSS, don't ask our competitors. You can imagine what they have to say.

Instead look to the BBB and Facebook for independent verified reviews.

Please call 888-427-5779 with questions.

Our Most Recent Happy North Carolina Clients:

  • Special Touch Consignment, 1456 Greenwood Dr., Burlington, NC, 336-269-1577
  • Memories Estate Liquidators, 200 N 9th Ave, Maiden, NC, 704-223-3851
  • Red Dog Relics, 620 S Trade St, Tyron, N.C., 828-440-1303
  • NU2U Consignment Shop, 5200 Hwy 74W, Whittier, North Carolina, 828-788-3252
  • Pocket Saver LLC, 347 Foxfire Estate Circle, Waynesville, N. Carolina, 828-734-6691