Software for New Zealand's Consignment Shops

One Payment for Lifetime Use

Special features in Best Consignment Store Software make it the first and only choice for resalers in New Zealand operating recycled clothing, thrift, 2nd change and 2nd hand stores. This are a few of the many benefits:

  • Lowest cost: There are no annual or monthly fees and there are no hidden fees. Up front and over time Best Consignment Shop Software costs far less than other consignment software apps.
  • Ownership: You own your copy of the software.
  • Local Support: Murray White is on hand to lend assistance with the software and with all things related to computers, Windows and hardware.
  • Reliability: BCSS is not just one programmer portraying a company profile, but is a software development company with several people involved in research, development and support. If you're considering consignment software and can speak to the person who wrote the program, suspect that he or she is the only person who can provide software updates and fixes in the future.
  • Features:
    • Automatic discounting of inventory as it remains unsold. Apply multiple discount schedules to various categories of inventory.
    • Barcode inventory control
    • Consignor tracking and contact management
    • Sales and settlement processing
    • Print (editable) agreements, receipts, labels, reports and checks
    • Print labels on sheets using a standard laser-style (ink) printer or with BCSS Diamond or BCSS Virtual print labels using rolls of labels with a thermal label printer.
    • Support for any barcode readers and specific makes/models of cash drawers, receipt and label printers
    • Free software updates, online data storage, advertising an eBook "How to Start a Consignment Business"
    • Use any credit-card processor you wish. BCSS is not 'integrated' with any card processor.
    • Offer consignors an automatic bonus for settling for store credit (to be used in the store to make purchases). This keeps sales proceeds 'in house' and cuts down on time required for settlements and check printing.
    • Offer a Rewards Program which accumulates points which buyers can use to make discounted purchases.
    • Two tax fields to keep taxes separate.
    • Conduct special sales (promotions) discounting specific categories (or store wide).
    • Operating a mall or market with floor-space rental? Track booth rentals. Deduct rent automatically from sales proceeds and produce reports showing monthly deficits.

No Adverse Policies

A competitor of ours (located in Miami, FL) cancels support contracts when he determines that the user of his software is asking too many questions - and doesn't refund fees paid in advance. He has been known to access users' computers without their knowledge or consent and delete their data. He has also represented himself to be a 'CEO' of a (nonexistent corporation) with a (nonexistent) office in New York. He charges full price for an additional copy of the software for a second store location. There are additional fees for training, online data backup and database 'tuneups'. He says that annual support fees are optional but withholds software updates if fees aren't paid. He says users can resell his software but fails to disclose that the buyer of the software must be someone buying the store using the software and the new owner must use the same store name, address and phone number (which limits the resale of the software to just one possible person). He pushes other services without disclosing his relationships and kickbacks. He offered a 'free update' to users who hadn't paid the annual service fee in a while. Those who took him up on it found their software disabled shortly thereafter and he refused to remove the bug until they agreed to pay him off. Lastly he markets his product by slandering his competitors so if you're looking for consignment software in the U.S., be aware of this shyster.