RV Motorhomes Sales-Rental-Consignment Software Programs

Best Consignment Shop Software is an affordable dealers software program for buying, selling, trading, renting and consigning new and used travel RV's, motor homes, campers, fifth wheels and trailers.

Software Pricing

First and foremost, there an no monthly or annual ongoing charges for 'support' or 'software as a service'.

Software updates are free and they are not withheld, as others do, to force payment of support fees - because there are no fees for updates.

Payment for the software is once for life.

Features and prices are 'tiered' so businesses not needing unwanted features aren't forced to purchase them:

The Intro edition of the program ($295) is a simple POS system for processing sales, rentals and consignments. This edition does not keep track of unsold inventory and does not provide barcoding on price labels.

BCSS Deluxe ($395) does track unsold inventory and prints price labels and tags on sheets of labels (for tagging smaller items like equipment, supplies and parts). Deluxe supports the use of cash drawers, receipt printers and barcode scanners. Data can be exported in spreadsheet and QuickBooks formats.

The Diamond edition ($595) allows for networking multiple stations to share the same software and data. (Additional copies of the program are available at deep discounts.) Diamond manages employees (program access, commissions. etc). It supports thermal label printers.

BCSS Virtual ($795) and $25/month isn't typically used for 'RV's Motorhomes Sales-Rental-Consignment' but does provide an option for inventory to be added online and for consignors viewing their account information online.

Copies of the software are available for $199.

Most consignment programs can be used for buying, selling, renting or trading new and used travel motorhomes, RVs, trailers, supplies and equipment. If you're looking for such a program, keep in mind that vendors offering 'open-ended' programs ('optional' annual support fees or 'software as a service' with ongoing monthly payments) likely have every intention of increasing your costs in the future with rate increases for support or for monthly payments. They know that most software users aren't willing to buy and learn another program once they are locked in to their first choice - so make your first choice a smart one.

Use the download button below to install a free copy of Best Consignment Shop Software. Use it in your business for two weeks to assure that it meets your needs, then come back to us with one payment for life.