Art Gallery Consignment
Resale Software

This software is used by art galleries to manage:

Display-Area Rentals - income from rent, a percentage of sales or a combination of both.

  • Assign IDs to each gallery display area and track them as floor or exhibit-space rentals.
  • Give each piece and artist an ID for identification and tracking.
  • Print professional hang tags or labels with barcodes for art pieces (or not).
  • Process sales for artists with options for sales tax, discounts and layaways.
  • If the gallery is to share in sales proceeds, each artist and each work of art may be assigned a different sales split (commission).
  • The software will credit the artist's account and the gallery's account for the appropriate shares of sales proceeds.
  • The program will auto compute monthly or Bi-weekly rent and if applicable, apply artist sales to rent due (and produce a report of sales that fell short of rent due).
  • With the Virtual edition of the software artists can view accounts online with cell phones and computers.
  • Settlements can be processed at any time and payouts may be made by store credit, PayPal, cash or check
  • Checks can be printed from the program.

This software is used by art galleries to process:

Resale Sales - Arts and crafts can be purchased from artists, dealers and suppliers and resold. Such items are tracked and sold in the gallery's 'shop account'. Buy and sell prices are recorded and profit/loss reports can be generated as well as 300 other reports related to inventory, clients, disbursements, sales and employees.

Each employee can have a separate commission schedule and each may be granted or denied access to any function of the program and data. The 'till' can be audited in real time to make sure the contents of the till match the activity for the day.

You can't purchase the gallery software until the boss takes a look at the demo and confirms that the software meets expectations and works properly on the computer to be used so please download the demo and give us a call for a 'free live demo'.

Artist Studio Management Software

Organization frees artists from office work to do what they love - create!

Software for artists should include:

  • Inventory Management keeps track of each piece by inventory number, name or title, creation date, type of medium, dimensions, prices, collections, images, detailed notes. Use categories for useful reports. Having all of this information in one place for every item makes information retrieval a snap.
  • Where's my stuff? Track galleries, exhibitions, competitions and consignments.
  • Sales - What is up for sale? What has sold? Prices, quantities, names and contact information of customers (for building a client base). POS (point of sale) invoice processing including receipts, sales tax, sales persons, layaways...
  • Contact Management - Separate your business and personal lives. Record your clients' names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, demographics, family members - anything relative to making and keeping personal contact, including communication like mass emailing your own artistic communication designs.
  • Records - Our Art Management Software includes over 300 reports about anything and everything entered, computed and recorded in the software database. What's selling? What is not? Who is selling? Who is not?
  • Data - Preserve. Protect. Export. Back up data in several places. Google Mail stores up to 25GB for free (for an online destination if all goes wrong locally). Protect data with powerful anti-malware from ESET. Export data to be used in 3rd-party programs like QuickBooks or Peachtree - great for keeping track of expenses and creating sophisticated financial reports like Profit/Loss and Balance Sheets.
  • Dependability - Our software has been on the market since 2002 with a solid track record of reliability including support on weekends and holidays. This detail should be listed first as having a qualified technician on hand when needed, in your business, can make or break a showing.
  • Sales processing - barcodes, not on pieces necessarily but in a binder for scanning - to locate an item record or to add an item to an invoice

Cloud-Based Art Management Software

Those offering, suggesting or recommending a 'cloud-based program' might cite that storing your data 'on the cloud' assures your records won't be "lost forever" (fear mongering noted) when in fact entrusting your valuable information to a 3rd party operating on a remote computer that you know nothing about is far from reassuring. The better alternative is to take responsibility for backing up data locally under your control and in several places - frequently.