Low-Cost Buy Outright Software

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    • Buy from Individuals
    • Retail: Purchase from Suppliers
    • Consignment: Sell for Others
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What is Buy-Outright Software?

Buy-outright software is a Windows-based app for managing the business of buying merchandise from individuals and reselling it.

Buy-outright software differs from retail software in that the latter manages the buying and reselling of merchandise from businesses like suppliers, wholesalers, importers - as opposed to individuals.

Buy-outright software is different from consignment software in a few ways:

  • In consignment payment is made to the owner of the consigned item after it sells. With BOR 'settlement' takes place at the time goods are delivered and payment is made to the seller.
  • With consignment ownership of the consignments remains with the owner when with BOR ownership passes from seller to buyer upon purchase.
  • Consignment can take place with businesses or individuals. From a software perspective BOR only involves transactions between individuals.

Best Consignment Shop Software handles all 3 types of transactions: buy outright, consignment and retail.

BCSS includes all of these features at one low price and without the usual annoying forever fees. You buy it. You own it for lifetime use. There are no prepayments for support and there are no ongoing fees, that way, if you don't need help you will not have wasted money transferring dollars from your bank account to that of a software developer.

BCSS cannot be purchased until the shop owner confirms that the software does all that is necessary and works properly on the shop computer(s), so please take advantage of the pre-sale live demo.

Best Consignment Shop Software | Virtual Edition

Currently BCSS Virtual allows consignors to view their items and account balances online.

Your store's data is hosted on a 'virtual server' - a fancy name for a computer designed to provide fast and reliable online access to you and your consignors. You can upload your consignor and inventory information to the server from within BCSS.

Using usernames and passwords that you assign, your consignors can access their account information (from anywhere in the world on any device with an Internet connection, including wireless devices like mobile phones).

All of these features are included in BCSS Virtual. (Items in bold are not included in BCSS Deluxe.)

  • Free Advertising for Your Shop
  • Printable Manual and Quick-Start Guide
  • Free E-mail Tech Support 8am-6pm CST
  • Free Updates Online
  • Bar-code reading and printing
  • Batch Delete Inventory by Consignor and by Category
  • Batch Delete Inventory and Inactive Consignors
  • Batch Inventory Entry, Edit and Delete
  • Batch Settlements and Checks
  • Buyer Fee (deducted from sales prior to settlement)
  • Buy Outright
  • Buyers' Information, Mailing Lists, Labels
  • Cash Drawer and Receipt Printer
  • Consignment Agreements (auto-completed and editable)
  • Consignor Records, Account History, Notes, Reminders
  • Credit Memo
  • Credit Purchases
  • Data Export/Backup/Restore/Storage - free
  • Discount % for Invoices
  • Discount by Category
  • Dynamic Computation of Consignor Balances
  • Dynamic Tracking of Inventory Balances
  • Employee Management, Access Restriction
  • Employee Login/Access Control
  • Employee Tracking & Credit Purchase
  • Hang Tags Printing with Bar Codes
  • Hardware Warranties
  • House Accounts with Auto Transfer of Aged Items
  • Inventory Aging (automatic or manual)
  • Inventory Categories
  • Inventory Item Sales History
  • Inventory Items-Returned Form
  • Inventory User-Defined Categorization
  • Invoices Tabbed for Multiple Processing
  • Layaways
  • Multiple Discounts Per Item
  • Networking
  • Print 300+ Reports, Invoices, Checks
  • Print Address & Price Labels, Hang Tags (Print multiple identical labels.)
  • Purge Records of Sold Items
  • Put Sale on Hold
  • Receipt Printer Support
  • QuickBooks Interface
  • Rewards Program
  • Shopping Mall Management
  • Special Promotions - store-wide or per category
  • Split Payment Six Ways on Invoices
  • Tax Rate for Each Invoice Item
  • Thermal Price Tags (with bar-codes)
  • Update Multiple Consignments at Once
  • Wish Lists

Consignor Online Access to Account Information

Your consignors log into our website (with usernames and passwords you assign) to view their inventory items and account balances. It's not just a novelty. Store owners report a significant reduction is phone calls to the shop for "What has sold?".

Many store owners help recover the cost of their software by assessing a small monthly fee for this service.